Georgia C

Ragamuffins –  for me it’s not just a hair appointment, it’s a very personal experience with sophisticated hair colouring and complete after care.
Since moving with my family to Devon in 1999, I have been a client at Ragamuffins and Nikki Farrant has been my Hair Stylist.
I used to live about 15 minutes away from the salon, 10 years ago we moved but the hour-long journey is always worth it.
Before we moved I had had my hair coloured in various salons for 13 years using Goldwell, Wella and L’Oréal products. What I was looking for in a new Salon was a lasting relationship with a professional and experienced Stylist – one who didn’t ask what I was doing that evening 🙄
Having a young family, I was hoping to find a good Salon that wasn’t miles away from Exeter. Luckily, I came across Ragamuffins in Yellow Pages back then as Google, let alone the Internet, didn’t exist!
It was in a great location with easy parking but I wasn’t sure about the “Organic Colour” as it was quite a new thing then and I thought it might be quite an alternative, hippy thing which wasn’t me. Still I was interested in this new type of colouring and decided to ring nevertheless. Ragamuffins was the first and ONLY salon I ever called and since then I have always had fabulously coloured hair.
When I chatted to Nikki Farrant all those years ago, she completely explained about Organic Colour and how it differed from Chemical Colour. Her professionalism and passion are as fresh today as it was then when she spoke to me on the phone. From that moment, I knew I would be in very safe hands.
Each of my appointments have always been first and foremost about the health of my hair. Prior to colouring, the condition of my hair is purposely checked to determine which hair treatments are appropriate before the colouring process. Hair treatments are done in the salon and can be continued at home to maintain great hair condition.
Nikki works hard to build a relationship with you so that she always knows how you are feeling about your hair colour and condition.
At every appointment, she discusses all the appropriate options before tailoring how she colours your hair. It is amazing to have a Hair Stylist who actually listens!
Now that I am mainly grey, I have an all over colour with tons of foils in different tones which gives a beautiful natural look. It may be a long appointment each time but it is enjoyable and without doubt worth it. I have had so many compliments over the years which is lovely.
Nikki’s expertise, attention to detail and genuine caring attitude are second to none. The Ragamuffins team around her are equally passionate and knowledgeable and work well together to create a relaxed and happy salon.
Once you have been, you will want to come back.

Lorraine A

Nikki is great at helping me make decisions about my next colour and style. The final results never disappoint me and the condition of my hair is always fantastic.
Add the exceptionally friendly staff to all this and you have a relaxing visit with a stunning look at the end.

Molly S

My hair has never been so good since coming here.
Don’t trust anyone else!
Brilliant products and brilliant stylists.

Judith S

I came to Ragamuffins Salon 5 years ago, with my hair in an extremely distressed state. It has proved to be the best thing that has ever happened for my hair. Nikki believes passionately in focusing on the health of hair and scalp and since my initial consultation, I have had complete trust in her wealth of knowledge and styling expertise. The whole ethos of this exceptional salon and its welcoming professional team focuses, on hair health using outstanding organic and non-animal tested products. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Mandy L

I have total confidence in the Ragamuffins team who deliver the ultimate hairdressing experience in a friendly and relaxed environment. All the staff are always very welcoming and attentive, and nothing is ever too much trouble. Bek has been styling my hair for over 10 years and I can truly say that I have never been disappointed with the results. She is the consummate professional and is very experienced in her field. I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Ragamuffins to my friends and family.

Ian and Andie W

Professional caring stylists and a warm friendly atmosphere makes every visit a relaxing one. Advice, Service and Kindness is always provided by everyone involved. This has ensured that we have been regular clients for more than 10 years.

Helen B

Twenty years ago, I had a really, really bad-hair day as a result of visiting my hairdresser who was having difficulty with the phrase “not too short please”.
As a Head Teacher I had to face 300 children and 20 staff in assembly and when one teacher came to me and said, kindly, that my hair looked nice I just knew she was trying to make me feel better.
Later a colleague suggested that if I wanted to try somewhere else I should try Ragamuffins and ask for Nikki. You will all know that stomach clenching nervousness at the prospect of changing your hairdresser even when things are not too good, and I thought “dare I?” With the only option of continuing to have bad-hair days I decided to dare.
I waited a few weeks to let my hair grow and made the appointment. Nervously I attended. With great kindness and understanding Nikki talked me through what she would do, the products she would use and how long it would take for her styling to become ‘me’.
Since I am still her client 20 years on you can guess how I feel about Ragamuffins.
Over the years I have done some silly things, like the time I had an important conference to lead and realised too late that I needed a colour. So, I bought one off the shelf… and went to school next day with orange hair! (it said on the box it would be deep blonde.) So, after a frantic call to Nikki I made a late afternoon dash to Ragamuffins where I spent 3 hours being ‘sorted’. It was 9.00pm by the time I left but I was no longer orange headed and could face my conference the following day.
I have learned that Nikki and her team will do all in their power to help, no matter what the problem or what time it is. They have all become friends whom I trust, as well as being totally professional. No-one ignores or disregards me, there are always smiles and a welcoming cup of coffee. I always just feel at home as I walk in the door. When I leave the salon after a session in Nikki’s care I feel completely confident that my hair is in great condition and is superbly styled. My deep secret fear and worry now is ” whatever will I do when she retires?

Karen R

I have been visiting Ragamuffins Hair Salon for over 20 years, just after Nikki opened. The welcome as you step across the threshold into the modern salon, is as warm and friendly today as it was all those years ago!
Staff here are knowledgeable about the organic products they work with, always taking time to explain about each product that is being used, also happy to answer any questions you might have.
The service is second to none, each client is made to feel special, listened to and advice offered on colours and cuts that will or will not suit each individual.
Take time to visit this salon and you will be delighted with the results and never want to go anywhere else.

Lorna L

Before I discovered Ragamuffins I rarely enjoyed my trips to hair salons, but now it’s so different. The team are talented, knowledgeable and genuinely friendly. The atmosphere is welcoming, relaxed and great fun.
Just as importantly, I’m always thrilled with the results. Bek really listens to my preferences and has taken the time to get to know me and what I like so she always gets it right. Plus, it’s so good they only use organic products – no nasty chemicals to damage my hair or the planet – just as it should be!
I travel an hour for my appointments at Ragamuffins, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else – they’re great!

Kim H

I have been going to Ragamuffins since I moved to Devon from the Midlands in 2003.

It was a big enough challenge finding a new home and a new school for my three daughters, but one thing that was easy was that at least there was a good hairdresser in the village.

I have been going there ever since. It is always a very pleasant experience. It is a real treat to be able to sit with a coffee and a few magazines whilst I am pampered and looked after. I can certainly applaud the relaxation area which includes a massage chair while your hair is being shampooed in a calm and darkened room.  I know all the team really well.  We have lots of laughs and Nikki and I have become firm friends.

I have my hair highlighted once or twice a year and have a trim every 7 weeks or so.  With a good colour and cut, it requires the minimum of maintenance which is important when you lead a busy and active lifestyle. I always receive complements on my hair and am always happy to give credit where it is due and have no hesitation in recommending Ragamuffins.

The service is very personal, and they take time to find out about you as a person as well as what is required in terms of your hair. Women and their hair are interlinked. We all know that a bad hair day is a bad day! At least, with Ragamuffins, the bad hair days are no longer! I can certainly recommend the Organic Colour Systems products. The colours are natural and not harsh or brassy.  I have become very conscious of what products I use now both for my hair and body. There is so much around nutrition and eating the right diet. The chemicals we use can be just as harmful which is why I advocate minimising the use of chemical products and this is truly the Ragamuffins’ mantra.

For those that live outside of Kenton, it is only a short drive out of Exeter and there is free car parking in the village opposite the salon, as well as a regular bus services which makes everything very easy.

Sue H

Ragamuffins is my ‘forever hair salon’ ! I discovered it many years ago after disappointing trips to several other salons in Exeter and other places.

Nikki’s knowledge of the Organic Colour Systems products, and the fact that she has trained salons all over the world on   them, means that all customers are in very safe, experienced hands.

Her team are well trained in the use of the products, and everyone is very kind and welcoming.

Nothing is too much trouble.

And this one changed?

Janet D

My hair had been ruined with harsh colouring and disastrous cutting and so I did some intensive research of hairdressing salons in my area and the most outstanding one was Ragamuffins going by the testimonials and their commitment to organic products.

I was made so welcome on my first visit and I knew immediately that I had made the right decision and that I was now under expert care. It is almost like going to a private clinic for hair, the salon is beautiful with such a lovely ambience and Nikki, Bek and Chloe are so friendly.

After just one appointment with Nikki and her immense knowledge and expertise the difference in my badly cut and damaged hair was immediately apparent and after 5 further appointments it feels like I have real hair back again.

Beautiful colour and condition and hairdressers who really listen and care. Ragamuffins in my opinion is the best salon in Devon.

Val S

Today was a different Ragamuffins experience – it was my first visit since retirement!
One might ask why that should make a difference but being in the salon today I had no emails to answer and therefore time to think.
My thoughts were prompted by Chloe who is about to celebrate her 20th birthday and it occurred to me I have been a customer of Nikki for longer than young Chloe has been alive.
That commitment to one salon led me to consider why I had been so loyal?
Initially, my choice was due to location and the ability to park but I became committed swiftly once I had experienced the professionalism, products, styling and colouring expertise offered by Nikki and her team.
Nikki styled my long brunette bridal hair, cut my short funky hair and now colours my older hair. My current colour is one I have had for a while – not because I’m boring and uninterested in change but, because of the number of “wows” I get from people in the street.
I’ve thought how to describe the colour that wows but I can’t – it’s just a fusion put together for me! A bit of red acer leaf, fruit of victoria plum and rich mahogany – and it’s richness and depth of colour allow the highlights to flame in the sunshine.
I like the fact my colour is designed for me, it makes me feel good as does the process of having it done. The head massage is particularly special. It calms and allows one to sink quietly into the massage chair and then I wake up ready for my cut with Nikki which is always expertly done and to my liking.
In addition to being an expert stylist Nikki is an experienced teacher and as a result I have learnt a lot about “why organic” and how to get the best from the products available. My hair has never been so healthy.
It’s good to have time to think. I’m very happy.